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Past saturday I (Jeroen) left for Ireland. The country of great roads to travel, places to see and the best pints out there!  It hasn’t even been a week and we’ve encountered all the Irish weather out there: sunshine, rain, drizzle and all the grey in between. Yeah, If I have to be honest we didn’t get snow or hail, but you get what I mean with the Irish experience. Sometimes the view from up a mountain is just that much prettier when the weather’s a bit drizzly.


Through the ring of Kerry and past Dingle we are now and we’re heading up to Clifden on the West Coast.

Safe travels,

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Often, when we ride, we ride in a group, small groups, large groups, with our chapter, other chapters and friends! Past sunday we got to ride with a huge group – about 150 Harley’s roared through Holland on our way to Central Harley-Davidson. Check out how we rolled!

ride harley davidson dutch

The turn-out was, despite the unfortunate weather forecast, great! We left at 11 a.m. for a ride of 80 km through our beautiful Brabant and arrived at the event around 12:30 p.m. with tens of camera’s pointed at us! What a great experience!

We stayed dry from the rain and rocked at Private Label’s superb tunes. At the lottery Jeroen won first price, and that proves you just need one lot to win the lottery!!

Harley davidson ride inFor the whole ride I got an fantastic view of my dad’s new Road King Bagger. It’s amazing and I can’t wait (and am so hoping) to get to ride it!

Roll your own,

Robin & Jeroen

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BIKER BLOOD: The adventure has just begun

biker blood blog adventures


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EPISODE 1: Testriding the Street Glide

In one word: BOOM!

We all crave the looks and sound of the perfect Harley-Davidson.  I couldn’t be more excited to try out the new Street Glide. What an experience, it rides so smooth and I felt so assured by the bike. Even in typical dutch weather: Hail, rain, snow, storm an sunshine all in one day, I felt in total control! As it weighs a lot more than my Street Bob Dyna I thought it would maybe ride ‘heavier’ but it seemed to be the other way around. This bike felt so reliable and easy to ride – I couldn’t get off it! 

People have said to me that, as a woman, a Street Glide is too big to handle. I just proved them wrong, didn’t I? The first time on a touring model was awesome! What a ride! If anyone is still afraid that the turbulence is an issue, be assured! With this batwing there’s no head rocking… well, except for the mind-blowing sound that screams out of the speakers. 

We’re the perfect fit!
But hey…
How could a bike with batwings not be the perfect match for a Robin ;).

X, Robin

Robin den Dekker discover more 2015voor en achter foto

Many thanks to Central Harley-Davidson for the Street Glide

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You’d think that after a long ride you’d want nothing more than talk about something different….Wrong!

The best thing is to sit down with a beer and chat about the tour. Having a laugh and share all the amazing thing’s you’ve seen on the road – preferably by some early evening sunshine.


In this particularly trip I just took my riding & non-riding friends with me. It was early in the season – in the end of march – but the weather was fantastic!!

This was a season’s start to never forget.

As a biker, I find that making friends on the road is an easy thing to do. Friends who ride and friends who don’t, mix quite well. Every once in a while one of my non-rider friends crosses over to the rider friends. That doesn’t change the friendship but makes it even better!

More shot’s from this trip:




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Riding is in my blood

harley davidson family

Through the waterfall-valley and over the beautiful 14,4 km long Malta Hochalmstraße we arrived at the highest water reservoir – staumeer – of Austria. The view from the platform at the middle (see picture below) was breathtaking. But… taking a cute family picture there turned out to be more difficult than it looks.

The platform has a part glass / part grid floor and I have to admit, that’s kinda scary even when you’re ok with heights. Especially for my mom, who’s isn’t that fond of heights (… make that a undertatement). It was a real accomplishment to get her on it. But hey, it makes for a pretty picture right? Proud of you mom, you can either live your life or live your fears.

Check out more pictures at the Malta Hochalmstraße

biker roadsIMG_3732_3 copy 00000001

If I win, where do you think I should definitely visit?!

X, Robin

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Fashionista and biker babe go hand in hand

I’m not weird, I am limited edition!

Fashionista and Biker babe – most people think those two don’t go hand in hand. Well… I proved them wrong!

Only in the past 24 hours I’ve gotten so much support from all sorts of crowds, fashionista’s, bloggers, magazine’s, brands, fellow riders and riders-to-be – It’s overwhelming! Even fellow applicants to the Discover More 2015 ride that haven’t gone through to the next round have been a great support.

The best thing someone can say to me right now is; “I really hope you’ll be the Discover More 2015 rider so I can follow your trips.”

That’s what it’s all about for me – to really reach people!!

Here’s a portion of the support:

Discover More 2015
Isn’t this amazing!! Check out the fashionista & professional branding, contentmarketing part of me on my blog: Katie Longtoes

Tell me why you want to follow me on my Discover More 2015 Europe trip?

X, Robin

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